Paper label is a cheapest cost material which is reason made it widely

used in difference application and any industries of

– Logistics

– Retail & wholesale

– Manufacture 

– Production and supply chain

Thermal Transfer Paper label with variety kind of materials also, matte white,

semi-gloss, glossy label and adhesive with different level as well. For your

application, please feel free to contact us for a solution.


If you need Special Made Label, please contact us at +852 3106 0884.

Here are some stock labels.

Item Width Height Column Colour Mtl Code Description
1 2” 1” 1 AVERY AW3207 Semi Gloss
2 4” 5” 1 Yellow 1 AVERY AW4200 Semi Gloss
3 63.5mm 16mm 1 Yellow 1 AVERY BW0053 Synthesis Paper 2(合成紙 2)
4 108mm 80mm 1 AVERY AW3296 Semi Gloss

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